Top up your Amazon Account

Use cash to top up your Amazon Gift Card balance with Paysafecash and shop on Amazon without using a debit- or credit card.

Pay your Paysafecash barcode at your nearest payment point and you are ready to shop.


Stay safe during COVID-19

When paying with Paysafecash, please avoid taking unnecessary risks. Paysafecash is available in thousands of partner stores in your area which allows you to incorporate Paysafecash payments in your daily routine. You have 24h to pay your Paysafecash barcode for Please avoid taking additional trips to stores, follow your local COVID-19 guidelines and stay safe!

How it works:

Do you have a my paysafecard account?

If you already have a my paysafecard account, you do not need to register again for Paysafecash. You can easily login to Paysafecash with your my paysafecard username and password. To top up your Amazon Gift Card balance, simply click on "top up" and in just a few steps your barcode will be created.