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    Select Paysafecash as your payment methodOur Partners Paysafecash is available as your payment method in the wallet or checkout page of cooperating online partners or banks. It is an ideal…

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    Buy online – pay offline!Cookie guideline You can find our cookie guideline here.Data protection guideline You can find our data protection guideline here.

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    FeesService fee Payment points charge a service fee of ###PSC_SERVICE_FEE###.Conversion fee When payments involve currency conversion, Paysafecash charges a fee. The Paysafecash currency…

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    You can also use Paysafecash to pay in foreign currencies. The Paysafecash currency converter lets you instantly see the current exchange rate.

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    Transparency is important to usCookie Policy Cookie notice from Paysafe This policy applies to Paysafe Limited and any of its group companies (together “Paysafe” or "we" or “our”) use “cookies”…

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    Are you looking for more information or do you have questions about using Paysafecash? Our customer service team is happy to help you.

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    Your opinion is important to usGive us your feedback Your feedback helps us to offer a better experience for future payments. So it would be great if you could quickly answer the following…

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    Your opinion is important to usGive us your feedbackWe are constantly working on improving Paysafecash even more for you - therefore, you feedback is particularly valuable and important for us. We…

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