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Making cash payments over the phone

Thanks to Paysafecash‘s new Invite to Pay feature, merchants can now take cash payments over the phone as well as through their online checkout. A call centre employee simply sends an email to the customer with a link which they can use to generate a Paysafecash barcode. They can then take this to their nearest Paysafecash payment point and pay for their order securely with cash. And of course they don't have to reveal any bank account or credit details in doing so. This opens up exciting new opportunities for customer acquisition and payment processing.

Merchants can now also send their customers an email actively inviting them to pay using Paysafecash. There is a new function for this purpose in the Paysafecash Merchant Service Center (the online management portal for merchants). All transaction-related details can be entered manually under the Invite to Pay tab. The customer's email address, name (optional), an expiry date for the payment, and of course the payment amount. It is also possible to enter additional details, such as a payment reference or a description of the service being paid for.

Great for telesales

When the process is completed, the customer receives a link via email which enables them to generate a barcode and then pay for their purchase offline and in cash at their nearest Paysafecash payment point, such as a supermarket. When the payment is completed, the merchant is notified and can initiate shipment of the goods or provision of the service.

"Invite to Pay is an ingeniously simple process, especially for business sectors involving interaction with the customer over the phone," says Robert Albrecht, Head of New Business at Paysafecash. "Hotel bookings, for example, or ordering concert tickets, can very easily be ordered directly over the phone and the payment process started immediately. API integration is not required. Our partners only require access to the Merchant Service Center. If the customer does not pay the amount due, the barcode simply expires."

First case in ticketing

Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisationsges.m.b.H. (NÖVOG), the operator of several transport companies in Austria, has already successfully used the new payment method. "Paysafecash gives our customers the opportunity to book group and premium offers for train journeys via email or by telephone through our Info Center, and pay the amount offline in cash at an acceptance point, such as a tobacconist's or petrol station," explains NÖVOG Managing Director Barbara Komarek.

Security a decisive factor

"This works very well for NÖVOG, because once the new payment option is explained to customers, they recognise that it is very secure," adds Robert Albrecht.

"Invite to Pay is therefore a great tool for telesales," he says.

"Sales pitches on the phone often end very abruptly when potential customers are asked to give bank account or credit card details for payment of a service. Many people don't even like to give a billing address any more. With Invite to Pay, in those cases all that is required is an email address."

The customer is given a receipt for the amount paid. From this point, Paysafecash guarantees that the merchant will receive the money that the customer paid. This means that chargebacks are impossible with this system. At the same time, the customer has a  verifiable and valid payment process, and proof of payment if products or services are not delivered properly. This new feature of Paysafecash is brilliantly simple and brilliantly secure and it has huge potential for telesales.

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