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Successful launch of partnership between Monese and Paysafecash in France

Do digital banking and cash create two parallelly existing worlds? The cooperation between Monese, one of the fastest growing, most popular and trusted banking services in the UK and Europe, and Paysafecash shows that those worlds not only complement each other but also offer more choice and flexibility for customers with different needs and payment preferences.

With Paysafecash, Monese provides its customers access to cash services in France. Now they can conveniently top up their accounts by selecting Paysafecash as a deposit method. After selecting Paysafecash, they receive a barcode which they can take to a nearby payment point to make the top-up in cash.

The international roll-out of the partnership between Paysafe and Monese just started in France, with plans to extend the availability of the service in an additional 11 countries covering Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain over the next months. Paysafe’s eCash payment point network is extremely well-established already in 28 countries (including USA and Canada) and continually expanding worldwide. 

Monese has over 40,000 cash top-up locations in the UK. The new partnership boosts the total number up to more than 110,000 across Europe. In total Paysafecash is currently available at around 170,000 payment points. That means convenience and flexibility for the customers which has been emphasized by the founder and CEO of Monese, Norris Koppel:

By partnering with Paysafe and including Paysafecash as a top up method, we are further expanding our ability to offer a truly accessible service and more freedom of choice to those customers who continue to rely on cash.

Paysafecash bridges the gap between digital banking and cash which remains a cornerstone of the payment landscape in many countries.

Cash-oriented payers can now enjoy digital banking services without diverging from their generally preferred payment method.

How does it work in practice? Check out our video and contact us to learn more about the wide range of possibilities Paysafecash brings to digital banking and other financial services!